The trillion $ global energy transformation means when we use energy dictates how clean, cheap or local it is.

So at emhTrade we believe that helping people change when they use power, and rewarding them for it, helps people use more affordable power and improves returns from investments in clean tech.

We do this by changing when energy is used, optimising demand, storage and appliances with what drives costs and carbon in the supply chain.

It's a journey that increases electricity retailer, network and clean tech asset (i.e. PV, EV) owners margins and delivers exceptional engagement!

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2018 SET Global 100 ranking.

2018 SET Global 100 ranking.


What we do

We are a team of passionate energy, data and digital specialists committed to making a better power society.

People get control to use cleaner, more affordable and community energy creating an exceptional experience.

Retailers cuts costs by cutting churn and peaks, and raise margins through personalised services and sales.

Our Transactive Energy platform harnesses consumers flexible demand and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) in our clean energy future.


For your customers...

it is an app - or widget in your app - helping them to and rewarding them for achieving their personal goals i.e. cheaper, greener or more local power.


For the industry...

it is an optimisation engine that reduces input costs, drives exceptional engagement and delivers insights on what consumers say and do.


Our story


We created the Transactive Energy (TE) platform as we saw current electricity solutions were not giving people control to meet their personal needs. This has real impacts - avoidable costs and carbon in the electricity system.

As we decarbonise and digitise power, when people use power increasingly impacts its cost and the climate .

TE enables retailers, utilities, communities and renewables powered businesses to engage consumers, assets and devices to use cleaner, cheaper and local power.

Explore our solutions

Our innovative B2B Software-as-a-Service platform can be delivered in modules to suit your specific needs.

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Transactive energy platform

Retailers cut costs from churn and peak energy use, enhance digital engagement and cross sell opportunities and help engage consumer clean tech simply with smart meter data. All while delivering exceptional values based customer engagement.

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White label retail platform

A New Zealand regulatory compliant retail platform for new entrant retailers. This can provide a full standalone platform for embedded or island micro-grids anywhere in the world where they fall outside other regulatory requirements.


Micro-grids, embedded networks and community energy

We increase returns on your investment in solar PV and batteries. We do this as we optimise resource use and demand to maximise revenues and minimise network, other energy or back up diesel costs.


Peer-to-peer solar share and virtual energy communities

A retail capability to match consumers generating PV with other consumers taking that PV. This allows schools, businesses or other
hosts to share or donate power to specific groups in their communities or anyone with solar to share to others without it.

The TE App - delivering exceptional consumer engagement

Exceptional engagement

We cut costs, carbon driving peaks and customer churn whilst encouraging greater use of intermittent renewables to assist with integration.

Our product delivers a new exceptional engagement experience and we know it resonates:

• 50% demand reduction on an advised critical peak by 15% of users.

• 60-80% weekly engagement rates.

PowerPal is trade marked in New Zealand, and only applies for use in New Zealand. Customers may white label the app or use APIs in all markets.

Customers, pilots and partners

We work with utility and community energy network customers and pilot partners who support over 400,000 consumers, including the National Grid Operator. In 2016 we delivered one of the world's first peer-to-peer energy retailers, P2 Power.

Contact us today to share the journey in your country.

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