emhTrade is an independent energy services company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our goal is to use existing and upcoming technology to create value for electricity consumers.

The energy industry is rapidly changing – home automation, distributed generation, solar, storage and electric vehicles will give consumers more control over their electricity generation and consumption. This energy evolution will increase efficiency, lower costs and minimise environmental impacts, while giving communities energy independence and more opportunities for self-sufficiency.

With years of experience in weather and risk analysis emhTrade strives to be at the forefront of change, applying excellence in data organisation and analytics to create innovative products that bring about these benefits more quickly and efficiently.

emhTrade is a participant in wholesale electricity markets and a certified reconciliation participant in New Zealand.


Suite C2, 1 Beresford Square, Auckland 1010
P.O. Box 147144, Ponsonby, Auckland 1144, New Zealand
Ph: 0800 emhTrade
Email: info@emhTrade.com