The D word

Disruption is not a dirty word. At emhTrade we are combining new technologies and market models to deliver benefits and efficiencies throughout the energy supply chain. Whether you are a generator, a lines company, a retailer or a consumer, our peer-to-peer platforms deliver operational efficiencies, measurable savings, genuine choices and better service levels.


It’s a double-headed penny

It’s a two-sided problem. On the supply side are excessive costs, ageing infrastructures, gargantuan capital investments and an uncertain future ahead. For consumers, there’s ongoing price pain, a general disengagement and distrust of the industry, plus an overall feeling of powerlessness. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The right technology can fix this situation.


Actually, everyone wants much the same thing

Consumers want choices and control. They want to positively impact their environment, their community — and their budget. The industry wants much the same — more choices, better cost controls, less capital requirements and less churn. Traditional energy infrastructures and markets almost seemed to require an adversarial stance. But not anymore.


The time is right

The Internet of Energy (IoE) is arriving. Arguably it’s already here. Technology, smart metering, cloud platforms, big data, analytics, consumer energy assets and a sharing economy, are combining to change energy markets forever. It’s here now and it’s spreading fast. Denial is not an option because the IoE will simply roll right over any obstacles. Or as the Borg would say, “Resistance is futile.”