White label retail platform


Energy retail is changing. As NZ fuel retailer Z's recent investment in electricity retailer Flick shows, companies crossing retail and energy are adapting to new technology and consumer demands for more environmentally-friendly or value driven options. In the UK retailers, like Sainsburys, are selling electricity alongside groceries and financial services.

From high street retail, through financial services, to fuel or new car distributors (responding to the opportunity with electric vehicles), offering electricity retail leverages your marketing capabilities, consumer relationships and technology investments enhancing cross sells, margins and your customers’ experience. What’s more you have a key competitive advantage

And it is not difficult with our highly automated Software-as-a-Service electricity retail platform that offers you the ability to deliver unique personalised customer experiences, have high digital customer engagement and deliver targeted cross sell messages, particularly through PowerPal.

With our cost effective, low cost way to test the waters, it would be crazy not to validate your opportunity. Contact us now  to find out how we do this.

Who can benefit from using this service?

  • All businesses with a large customer base can benefit from the cross sell and unique customer experiences. The following have specific competitive advantages: high street retail, banks, fuel retailers, new car distributors and retailers of electrical appliance and home improvement products. Read more about your competitive advantage.

  • Microgrid or embedded network owners anywhere in the globe (where activities are unregulated or regulatory and compliance is managed through other systems).

  • Existing low volume retailers (NZ) looking to cut overheads with a highly automated platform and build customer personalised, distinctive value propositions.

Your Competitive Advantage

The key driver to when people choose a new electricity retailer is major life events (i.e. moving house, renovations, retirement, buying an electric vehicle or solar PV). It’s high street retailers, banks and other distributors that are with consumers when they make those choices and are in the Right Place and Right Time to help consumer make a better electricity decision.

Being in touch with your customers electricity journey - a function of what they are doing each day and their personal objectives or values - provides an exceptional opportunity for engagement and cross sell. Imagine a supermarket that can promote the ingredients for meals during a week based on the discounts from energy savings by helping a consumer avoid a peak by using a slow cooker that day for a curry! Or the opportunity for another high street retailer to sell an appliance, insulation or IOT connected product based on the energy discounts a consumer can earn (and from energy insights of that consumer).

A fast, cost effective way to test the waters

We take the risk and uncertainty out of innovation with our market validation option.

emhTrade can start a programme enabling you to quantify consumer interest and alignment to your brand within days, and, in New Zealand, could have a pilot of Your Brand Electricity up and running within a matter of weeks.

You get the evidence of consumer engagement and the opportunity you need, quickly and at low cost, to present a compelling business case.  We will then co-create with you your unique customer propositions, services and rewards programmes.

What We Offer

  • A highly automated Software-as-a-Service electricity retail platform;

  • A fully regulatory compliant platform in New Zealand;

  • Management of all electricity industry interfaces (including consumer switching; customer billing, clearing manager and reconciliation functions, market hedging, network company agreements);

  • Customer self service app;

  • A unique app - or APIs to integrate to your app - that supports differentiated, personalised value propositions and customer journeys delivering high consumer engagement allowing you to deliver a point of difference in the market and develop cross sell and brand enhancing opportunities such as SolarShare and PowerPal.


The platform needs compatible smart metering/ AMI or equivalent automated data sources from consumers. Where smart metering roll out is high (i.e. New Zealand) this will be in place for most consumers and our team and partners can help transition new consumers.

Interested in learning more?
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