Exceptional consumer engagement with transactive energy


Increase retail margins by cutting churn and peak energy and network costs.

Grow revenue with personalised services, rewards and increase cross sell opportunities.

Harness consumers flexible demand and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in the energy transition.

What it does
Integrate consumer demand flexibility and DERs (ie PV, batteries, connected appliances) with what drives supply costs using your smart meter data.

Help your consumers act to use cleaner, more affordable or community (i.e. peer to peer PV) power in a rewarding, personalised digital experience.

Generate rewards from what your customers’ flexible demand saves to drive engagement and loyalty.

To the consumer, it is simply an app (Transactive Energy) that discovers their preferences, coaches them when to use power to better meet their goals (including adding in IOT connectivity), and rewards them for action.

To utilities and retailers, it is a sharing economy platform that matches flexible consumer demand to the best time and place in the supply chain to reduce costs and/ or carbon (whilst providing an innovative customer experience). 

Interested in learning more?
Click here to download an information sheet (PDF - 231KB)


Entry community Retailer overlay White label retail
Who would benefit? Embedded network owners/ micro-grids, energy communities and businesses wanting to “pilot” new services.

Existing retail brands looking to add a new customer experience for PV owners, solar takers and the sharing economy. New entrants to retail.  Existing retailers wanting to give consumers a holistic experience without the time and costs of full integration to existing systems.
What you get Add PowerPal to your community within P2. Add PowerPal to your existing retail offering. Add PowerPal to your whitelabel retail offer.
Branding No additional branding on Powerpal. Option on additional branding within Powerpal. Option on additional branding within Powerpal.
Impact on your operations No additional set up or support – though more great insights for you to help your community. Data exchange and integration required.  No additional set up or support – though more great insights for you to help your customers.