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Stu Innes emhTrade

Stu Innes

Founder and CEO

Stu has an extensive background in electricity trading and market design, created P2 Power, one of the world's first peer-to-peer energy retailers, and is our data science and markets guru. 

Stu is a member of the Market Development Advisory Group, reporting to the NZ Electricity Authority on market design issues in New Zealand, and has been appointed as an 'expert advisor' to the World Energy Council to participate in their Innovation Working Group.

Martin White, Chief Product Officer

Martin White

Chief Product Officer

Martin has been in and around software development teams for over twenty years, in product development, consulting services and startups.

Martin has been involved everything from programming to pre-sales, architecture to agile and startups to strategy, but he specialises in leading software teams by inspiring and engaging them in the process of solving customer problems.




Brett Holland, Advisor

Brett has a diverse background in starting businesses, developing new products, introducing new business models and helping entrepreneurs take on the startup journey. He is currently one of the premier innovation ecosystem builders in New Zealand, working with startups, corporates and the government.


Michael Acland, Director

With a background as a derivatives trader in the UK and Barbados and more recently as a director of the Auckland angel investment association ICE Angels, Michael’s invaluable governance experience complements his eye for a great business model and high growth potential.


Kim Campbell, Chairman

Kim is a multi-faceted international businessman and professional director. He was CEO of the Employers & Manufacturers Association (Northern) from October 2011 and retired in January 2019 to allow more time for his many other business interests.


Luke Hamill, Advisor

Luke has a background as an energy trader, and brings a wealth of industry knowledge and connections to the table. Luke is based in Australia but travels to New Zealand on a regular basis.


And the rest of the team…