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For owners and operators of property developments with multiple tenants, who want to maximise revenue from their developments while being environmentally responsible, SolarShare Community is a complete solution for sharing solar power. Unlike alternatives that involve complex, expensive and rigid hardware solutions SolarShare Community is entirely digital, which makes it easy to set up and simple to change.

SolarShare Community works for…

SolarShare apartment buildings

APARTMENT buildings

Utilise redundant roof space by installing solar panels. Use solar to power shared spaces and share surplus energy with residents. The more power used when the sun shines, the more the community and the environment benefits.

SolarShare property developments


Don’t have everyone in one building? Not a problem, SolarShare can work across multiple buildings. In fact this scenario means more potential places to put solar panels, and can even enable your tenants to install their own solar panels and add those to sharing pool.

SolarShare mixed use buildings

mixed use BUILDINGS

SolarShare delivers increased environmental and financial benefit in buildings with regular daytime users of power - such as offices, shops and cafes. These multi-purpose buildings offer the opportunity to add more solar capacity, increasing impact and reducing payback time.

Other SolarShare applications


Every project is different, these are just some example uses of SolarShare. Get in touch to discuss your project and find out how we can help you be awesome with energy.

Here’s how it works

Electric meter


The first step is to create a private network. We will install an extra meter in your property, which becomes your gateway to the main power grid - your tenants will still need grid power when no solar is available. All tenants will be switched from their current power retailer to be served by you, powered by our retail platform.

Installing solar panels


Next we set up your solar panels. If you don’t already have panels installed we’ll work with you to decide understand the best size, type and location and organise installation. No special wiring is needed between units in your property, we sort all that out digitally. Already have panels? No problem, we’ll incorporate those into the design.

Electric network operations laptop


You are now the owner and operator of your own community electricity network. You will bill your tenants for their power, and they will be able to see how much clean, green (and cheap) power they got from the shared solar, and how much came from the grid. We provide support to your customers and deal with all the grid-facing administration.

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