Peer to peer solar sharing

Leading peer-to-peer power
In 2016, we launched one of the world’s first P2P electricity retail platforms

What it offers you
An innovative customer experience addressing the pain of the growing numbers of consumers with solar panels or aspiring to access clean, local power. We allocate the solar generated to the members based on smart meter data, before buying power off the grid.

Solar share can operate for a virtual energy community - such as a school sharing surplus solar with subscribing families or commercial business sharing surplus with staff or the energy poor - before sharing in the wider neighbourhood solar pool.

Our platform can also offer a peer to peer solution that overlays traditional billing processes and structure (such as matched solar transactions receiving a specific price and included on conventional bills, consumers receiving dedicated solar share reports and/ or include in engaging consumer journeys such as through our Transactive Energy app).

Interested in learning more?
Click here to download an information sheet (PDF - 239KB)


Entry community Retailer overlay White label retail
Who would benefit? Embedded network owners/ micro-grids, energy communities and businesses wanting to “pilot” new services. Existing retail brands looking to add a new customer experience for PV owners, solar takers and the sharing economy. New entrants to retail. Existing retailers wanting to give consumers a holistic experience without the time and costs of full integration to existing systems. 
What you get Your community within the P2 Power retailer. Our peer-to-peer algorithms and customer messaging add-on to your existing retail service. Platform offerina standalone retail experience.
Branding Limited co-branding such as your own landing page for prospective customers. 100% your own branding.  100% your own branding.
Impact on your operations Minimal set up, integration or operational support.  Data exchange and integration required.  By negotiation.