Our story

Our view on the world

Stu humanity scale problem backstory. Energy fixes everything. We have all the tech. Need to use it!

Our history

emhTrade has been around for a while now, and we’ve taken a few turns along our journey towards being the platform for future energy. Here are the highs (and lows) of that journey.

  • 20xx - Stu Innes and Matt Harte create emhTrade to do a better job of participating in wholesale markets

  • 2015 - P2 Power, one of the world’s first peer-to-peer retailers, is launched in Auckland

  • 2017 - P2 hits 200 customers but growth is slow and the conclusion is reached that retail is not the business to be in

  • 2017 - The idea of a co-optimised, peer-to-peer energy trading platform, Transactive Energy, is conceived

  • 2017 - The team take part in the Lightning Lab Electric accelerator programme, after which Martin White joins the team

  • 2018 - Consumer behaviour change is identified as a useful application of the TE platform, and a prototype app is launched to P2 customers. But convincing larger retailers to do something similar proves difficult and slow.

  • 2018 - The company grows from four to twelve staff, attracts $1.3m of investment and is recognised with a number of awards

  • 2019 - The company re-focuses on a different application of TE, sharing solar in multi-tenant properties. P2 and PowerPal are shelved and headcount reduced