Tauranga power forecast – sunny with a touch of SolarShare

P2 Power, New Zealand’s first peer-to-peer energy provider, today announced that it has expanded its innovative solar power sharing service to Tauranga.

P2 Power’s SolarShare technology lets consumers buy and sell excess solar power within their local communities. The Tauranga launch follows a successful pilot programme in Auckland which passed its first 100,000kWh solar sharing milestone in January this year.

SolarShare makes cleaner, cheaper solar energy a viable option for consumers who do not currently have solar panels or can’t afford the expense of installation. Those with solar panels are able to feed excess power back into the grid, where P2 Power manages the energy exchange, offering one of the highest buyback rates in the market, while at the same time delivering solar power to others at an affordable price.

P2 Power CEO Stu Innes says, “Our SolarShare technology uses real half hour smart meter data to match up solar generation with people’s electricity use, so SolarSharers know they are genuinely using locally produced green power, while energy exporters can be confident that their power is helping people adapt to using solar energy.”

“Joining SolarShare is very simple – simply sign up to benefit, and P2 Power does the matching – there is no need to sign up friends and family, though P2 Power loves it when you invite them too,” says Innes.

Innes say the P2 Power team is delighted that it can now begin introducing this approach to energy sharing to the rest of the country.

“We hope that one day all Kiwis will have the choice to take advantage of community-generated solar power,” says Innes.

In the summer months, P2 Power had guaranteed pilot users that at least 7% of their power would come from local solar production in Auckland. Innes says that in the prime summer period customers averaged more than double that.

“With Tauranga’s solar potential, we want to help the Bay of Plenty do even better,’ says Innes.

Innes says the company’s core mission is to provide transparency in the energy market and enable communities to work together for mutually beneficial deals.

“Consumers should not just mindlessly pay their power bills without knowing where it’s coming from. P2 Power informs consumers about how much of their energy is being produced locally, empowering them (pun intended) to prioritise renewables and have a meaningful impact in addressing climate change,” says Innes.

According to the company, SolarShare is just one way to help. P2 Power is developing new options to help people use cleaner, cheaper, community-oriented electricity, and will be bringing these to market in the near future.

Innes says P2 Power will launch SolarShare in other regions over the coming months.