The Journey To Energy Co-optimisation

We help people use cleaner, cheaper, community-generated energy, helping smooth supply peaks, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Each year billions of dollars of unnecessary cost and billions of tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions are incurred in the global electricity supply chain.

We believe we can stop this waste using a co-optimisation platform that talks to consumers and their increasing number of smart appliances.

Consumers experience a mobile / web app that:
1. Understands their personal preference for cleaner, cheaper, community energy.
2. Advises them of the best time to use energy to meet their goals (and also automates connected devices).
3. Rewards them for their actions.

The energy supply chain gains a simple channel for price or other information to reach consumers in a meaningful way, triggering flexible demand to reduce emissions and costs.

emhTrade set up one of the world’s first peer to peer electricity retailers in 2016 and are now taking the platform – and the flexible grid – to the next generation.

emhTrade participated in the Lightning Lab Accelerator programme in 2017 for initial research and validation of our platform helping people align their energy consumption with their personal preferences, be they social, ecological or financial. By creating a sharing economy for energy assets, value is created along the entire supply chain, benefiting utilities and consumers alike.

You can watch the final Lightning Lab Electric Demo Day pitches here.