emhTrade wins the Revolutionising Energy NZI Sustainable Business Network award

In a packed venue of 700 sustainable business professionals, energy sector innovator emhTrade won the NZI Sustainable Business Network Revolutionising Energy Award 2018.

The NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards are New Zealand’s longest-standing sustainability awards. Now in their 16th year, they recognise and celebrate success in sustainability.

The Revolutionising Energy award is presented to an organisation that is transforming its own energy system or enabling a systemic shift to renewable energy.

"It's another great motivator for our team delivering on enabling people to use more affordable, greener and local power. A journey that also delivers exceptional consumer engagement and better bottom lines for retailers, networks and PV asset owners." said Stu Innes, emhTrade's CEO.

As the world invests trillions of dollars to decarbonise the energy system, the increase in intermittent renewables like wind and solar power, electric vehicles and battery storage mean that when people use power now dictates its cost and carbon content.  “We now have the crazy situation that 100% clean, low cost solar and wind power can be turned off in some parts of the world, only to burn hydrocarbons later in the day, because people and their assets are not helped to use that clean, low cost power”.

One of the great strengths of the emhTrade analytics platform is it provides the "last mile" of the smart grid, connecting consumers in a very simple way to the complex drivers of cost and carbon in the electricity supply.  This helps consumers, businesses investing in solar PV, storage and electric vehicles and the existing industry connect to cut costs and enhance returns from clean energy investments.

“Partnering with emhTrade to form the Blueskin Energy Network has enabled us to realise a decades worth of work to democratise our local electricity system.” said Scott Willis, Blueskin Energy Ltd’s Project Manager and one of emhTrade’s customers, “Residents are engaged and are enjoying being part of this journey to decarbonise while making savings”.

The judges said: “emhTrade has created an innovative way for people and communities to easily measure and manage their electricity use through an app. It also enables other functions such as facilitating peer-to-peer selling of electricity. This is an innovative concept that encourages behaviour change to reduce electricity demand, especially during peak periods. It is only a very small business, but building on previous experience in the electricity industry, it is making a big difference and gaining international recognition.”

"A special thanks goes to our earliest adopters, pilot partners and mentors including retailer P2Power's consumers, the pioneering community energy network of Blueskin, the thought leadership of Waipa Networks, Powerco, Transpower and Powernet and Creative HQ.” said Jamie Silk emhTrade’s Chief Commercial Officer.

EECA Business sponsor these awards as they are a wonderful way to showcase success and inspire other businesses to improve their energy management practices.  This was certainly the case this year with entries covering innovations by Red Stag Timber, Fonterra and Watercare to improve their operations, as well as Solar City New Zealand and emhTrade offering innovative new services for consumers and businesses.  NZ’s ecosystem enabling the energy sector transformation is clearly gathering pace.

For the list of winners and commendations for the 2018 NZI Sustainable Business Network Awards go to: sustainable.org.nz/awards.