Micro-grid/embedded networks and energy communities

Increase returns from your (or your customers) clean energy investments.

Installing solar PV or energy storage in an embedded network, location with multiple consumers or physical energy community, the Transactive Energy platform helps you enhance returns.

By setting up peer to peer solar share, an embedded network and active engagement of consumers/ management of assets (i.e. batteries or electric vehicle charging) we can:

  • Reduce network charges

  • Increase use of green solar PV on-site

  • Reduce the risk of solar being backed off and wasted (especially on off grid microgrids)

  • Reduce energy market costs (or increase income from batteries)

  • On off-grid sites, reduce diesel burn

  • Help tenants value the green, on-site power more making rentals more attractive

Using our platform and our partners we deliver full billing, market reconciliation and optimisation services for embedded networks/micro-grids.