Your opportunity to partner with New Zealand’s emhTrade to deliver an exceptional customer experience, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. emhTrade has developed an innovative B2B Software-as-a-Service model connecting flexible consumer demand with cost and carbon drivers.

Leading Peer To Peer Power

In 2016 we launched one of the world’s first P2P electricity retail platforms, P2 Power, showing that people change energy use when aligned to their personal values. We are now helping people use cleaner, cheaper and community oriented energy smoothing supply peaks, reducing carbon and cutting costs.

Enhancing Your Business Model

A sharing economy market place with co-optimisation algorithms. These engage and allocate consumer’s flexible demand and distributed energy resources when and where of most value to the supply chain.

Connecting Consumers

With an app that; understands their personal preferences, coaches on the best times to use power to meet those goals and rewards their action.







Retailers & Utilities

Cutting energy, network and carbon input costs to retailers and utilities. Optimising street level, microgrids and transmission assets.

Exponential Technologies

Manage appliances, solar, storage and electric vehicles with the IOT. Leverage latent consumer frustration and the capability of their new investments.

Your Partner

Already delivering pilots with local utilities (including NZ’s transmission operator) and an energy community. Contact us to share the journey in your country. Jamie Silk, CCO, +64 276 415 64.