Who is emhTrade?
emhTrade is an independent energy services company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Our goal is to use existing and upcoming technology to create value for electricity consumers.

The energy industry is rapidly changing – home automation, distributed generation, solar, storage and electric vehicles will all give consumers more control over their electricity generation and consumption. This energy evolution will increase efficiency, lower costs and minimise environmental impacts, while giving communities energy independence and more opportunities for self-sufficiency.

What’s your involvement in the energy sector?
emhTrade is a participant in wholesale electricity markets and a certified reconciliation participant in New Zealand. It’s senior management team are members of a range of energy advisory bodies and their expertise is recognised and valued by both industry and government partners alike.

How much do you know about it?
With years of experience in the energy markets, weather and risk analysis, emhTrade strives to be at the forefront of change in the energy industry, applying excellence in data organisation and analytics to create innovative products that bring about benefits more quickly and efficiently.

What are the emhTrade platforms?
The emhTrade platforms are a cloud-based architecture for the transactive grid. We integrate end-user applications, transmission and distribution information, plus energy market prices, in order to encourage consumers – and their smart appliances – to deliver valuable load shifting behaviour. Not only does this benefit the supply chain, but because of the ability to provide peer-to-peer transactions and individual user preferences in terms of costs and fuels, customers are able to manage the benefits that are important to them.

Which countries is emhTrade available in?
emhTrade is currently trialling in New Zealand. However, we are working hard towards building partnerships in other countries, and look forward to offering emhTrade in many places in the future.

Does emhTrade cut out electricity retailers?
No, emhTrade does not cut electricity retailers out of the energy system, but rather partners with them. emhTrade uses the smart meter network, coupled with its platforms and apps, to deliver value through lower energy costs, higher engagement and happier customers.